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Tania Semper Where fantasy meets reality ~ We’re an upscale event company specialized in bringing the privileged worlds of Gossip Girl & Sex and the City to life!

We ROCK at creating themed events & photoshoots, connecting Fashionistas to the most sought-after shops, products & services across Canada. It’s all in the itsy bitsy details, from the custom stationary, whimsical decor, florals, extravagant candy table designs, mouth-watering cocktails and the sky-high heels we’re sporting – we’re all about satisfying the senses from the ground up!

Our Fashionistas are privy to the most exclusive of gatherings. Be ready to roll out the red carpet as she awaits VIP treatment wherever she turns. She’s a woman who knows what she wants, values quality and consistency in all that she buys. A simple coffee? Not this chick. A double Venti Java Chip Frappuccino topped with whip cream and caramel sauce please. Spoiled? Maybe, but who can blame her. Her motto is to “pamper & splurge”. She deserves to feel special and strives to stand out in the most fashionable of ways.

It’s true, it can’t be denied, she is most definitely guilty of being the center of attention and relishes every minute of it!

If you’re looking for a remarkable themed event, media product launch or custom team building activity to generate a hype about your new product or service - we do it best!

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Meet Tania Semper - Luxury Lifestyle Expert & creative mind behind eFashionista.

Fairytales do come true!

Tania’s uncanny ability to create whimsical platforms has attracted fashionistas across Canada and generated interest amid reputable media sources including CTV.

Her creative spirit, attention to all things pretty, coupled with her admiration of the “Sex and the City” and “Gossip Girl” lifestyles has empowered her to unleash her visions and transform them into realities. She has the flair to swoon her clients with playful event designs and strategies, leaving them wanting more...

To date, Tania has successfully fashioned over 15 themed events, 9 Signature photo-shoots, 12 promotional videos & 3 stylish team-building events

Strategic Alliances / Creative Direction / Event Design, Execution & Coordination / Product Placement / Sponsorships

Tania Semper - CEO

Feel free to contact Tania if you’d like your product or service featured in one of our Signature events / photoshoots or sign up to attend our next event!

t. 514.992.5410 / tf. 1.877.992.5410
e. tania@efashionista.ca / twitter: @taniasemper

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