We did it again – we pulled off another fabulous, yet very sweet photoshoot! 

Yesterday morning, we transformed Gateaulogie into a land even Alice in Wonderland wouldn’t recognize; “Sugarland” is what we called it. We started at 8am, bright and early and lasted till approx. 7pm, we ended our shoot with a segment of our model wearing lingerie, making a mess of herself with flour while pretending to bake in the kitchen – what a moment that was! More pics & insider details to come!

Sweet fact – Nicole Jones from CTV Citylights paid us a visit – keep an eye out for us this Saturday, after the 6pm news!

We couldn’t have done it without our awesome team, a very special thanks to;

Creative Director: Tania Semper

Venue: Pam & Barbara – mother / daughter duo at Gateaulogie 

Photographer: Badger Photography

Dessert table design: Leslie from Kreavie & Lorena Loressi 

Floral Decor: Les Fleurs Kenzo

Model: Aleksandra from Agency LOOK

Makeup Artist: Joanna Rudowicz

Hair Stylist: Aliki Atsalis

Fascinators: eFashionista designed by Nicole & Co. 

Dresses: eFashionista Signature dresses designed by our lead designer Carissa McCaig

Lingerie: Lalilouche

Video production: Nova Productions

The eFashionista Team

What do you think happens when you combine a merry-go-round horse, an abundance of cakes, sweets & eFashionista fascinators & dresses? Another cheeky photoshoot!

On Monday, October 17th – eFashionista is transforming Gateaulogie into “Sugarland”! Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, we plan on transforming their quaint, cake shop into a land of over-sized cakes, sweet cake pops, cupcakes, decorative flowers, jars filled with colourful candy crystals and let’s not forget our merry-go-round horse we spotted at a photography show a couple of weeks ago! What a fabulous find that was!

Our gorgeous goldilock model will be wearing a fabulous assortment of designer fascinators, two of eFashionista’s Signature dresses and of course, a lingerie outfit by Lalilouche for an extra touch of sweetness!

As we mentioned in the past, every shoot has to start with a storyboard, ours is posted above – let’s see if we come close to our vision!

* Sweet factour online shop is just about ready, soon you’ll be able to purchase our fascinators, dresses & lingerie.

Fashionistas, sit tight, you’re in for a “treat”! xxo

The eFashionista Team