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VDay Cocktail Recipe

Cocktail making should be an exciting process, in fact, it’s the perfect occassion to get really creative with your garnish and glassware. Here’s a fun recipe I whipped up for my Fashionistas at last week’s VDay escapade, make sure you add it to your cocktail repertoire, it’s not only easy to make but very low in calories! ♥

Here’s what you’ll need: {Make sure you chill the Prosecco so that it’s nice and cold before serving}

- SkinnyGirl Prosecco

- 3 Raspberries

- 1 Passionfruit

- A dash of Grenadine

* mix all the ingredients together and add a dash of grenadine for colour & sweetness! Go ahead and serve the cocktail with some designer cupcakes as featured below, you can visit the eFashionista directory for a sweet designer closest to you.

Sweet Fact – I picked up the lip-inspired glassware at HomeSense for only $3.99 / glass

Skinny Girl Cocktails

Happy drinking xo

Tania – Your Luxe Lifestyle Expert

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Hello fellow VDay Enthusiasts!

If you haven’t already heard, I presented a few VDay “must haves” for Fashionistas on Global Montreal this morning, stay tuned for the video!

Here are the ideas I presented;

- A VDay-inspired Cocktail featuring Skinny Girl Prosecco

- A high heel floral by Aura Design

- Chocolate High Heel & sweets by Artiste Chocolatiere

- Heart Shaped Fascinator by Nicole & Co.

- VDay glassware & decor by HomeSense

p.s You’ll get to experience all of the above products first-hand at our upcoming pre-VDay escapade at Diamond Spa this Thursday, click here for the sweet details!

Questions regarding the tv segment or products featured? Call us at 1.877.992.5410 xo


Global Montreal


Tania Semper – Luxe Lifestyle Expert

admin http://www.efashionista.ca <![CDATA[A Pre-VDay Escapade]]> http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/?p=6854 2014-02-06T19:21:53Z 2014-02-06T19:07:36Z VDay Escapade

Heya Fashionistas,

We’re hosting an exclusive pre-VDay event at Diamond Spa on Feb.13th! Whether you’re celebrating the ”day of love” solo, with your lover or friends, we’ll be treating you to the ultimate pampering experience, featuring VDay “must-try” hair / makeup, florals, cocktails, gift ideas and equipping you with everything you need to conquer your VDay escapades with style.

We’ll be offering V-Day inspired:

- Hair  / Makeup

- Mani / Pedi

- Massage

{services valued at $150}

Including: VDay Cocktails, sweets & a handful of luxe giveaways!

Diamond Spa

Looking forward to seeing you all xo

Love Tania Semper, your Luxe Lifestyle Expert xo

admin http://www.efashionista.ca <![CDATA[Holiday Escapade]]> http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/?p=6834 2013-12-12T02:43:44Z 2013-12-12T01:53:42Z This year has been exceptional, I had the pleasure of meeting such wonderful Fashionistas as well as the opportunity of working with amazingly talented and passionate professionals, you give me the motivation to keep on going and the drive to take eFashionista to whole new, glittery heights!

As a token of my gratitude, I’d like to invite you all to an exclusive Holiday Escapade dedicated to those who “want it all” and those who “need it all” in support of the Yonge Street Mission, here are the details..

Holiday Event

Please RSVP to secure your spot, first come, first serve ;) We’ll be accepting donations as well as preloved & new products for the Yonge Street Mission.

Fabulous sweets provided by The Caketress, Yummi Pops & Bite Me Bakery.


Live Lavishly,

Tania Semper – CEO

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Let’s jump-start our weekend with tea-infused, Pinnacle cocktails!

Adam Vogler and Darcy Vachon swooned the ladies with lavish tea-infused cocktails at our Luxe Lingerie event for Bra Snobs recently, you can checkout the cheeky images here.

Introducing Adam’s Bra Snob concoction;

The Vixen

  •  1.25 oz Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka
  • 0.5 oz Amaro Nonino
  • 0.5 oz Lavender Infused Vodka
  • 0.25 oz Lime Juice
  • 0.5 oz Hibiscus Water
  • 2 oz Alpine Punch Rooibos Tea {David’s Tea}

First brew your tea, set aside and cool. Shake up all the remaining ingredients and garnish your cocktail with hibiscus water and edible flowers as seen in the image above.

Add 0.5 oz Egg White for added deliciousness!

Lavishly yours,

Tania Semper xo

admin http://www.efashionista.ca <![CDATA[Bra Snobs – Toronto]]> http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/?p=6792 2013-12-04T15:21:29Z 2013-12-02T15:13:27Z Luxe Lingerie

Our second Annual “Luxe Lingerie event for Bra Snobs” was a cheeky success! We held our escapade on Friday, November 15th at Coup de Foudre, a beautiful lingerie shop nestled in Richmond Hill – click here for our event gallery. 

75 Bra Snobs got to explore our boudoir-inspired stations; 1. Posing Bra 2. Beauty Bar  3. Bra Fitting Bar as well as indulge on an assortment of lavish sweets by J’adore CakesYummi Pops, not to mention tea-infused cocktails featuring whipped Pinnacle vodka {more on that later}!

If you were present, you surely noticed our lavish tufted walls accented with crystal studded knobs and silver sequins hangers, we partnered with Eurofab, a design atelier located in Queen West, to add the finishing touch to our glamorous event.

A special to thank you to Christine, Coup de Foudre’s fabulous founder, not only is she a true bra expert but she has the warm and bubbly personality that will have Fashionistas driving great lengths just to experience her store!

BRA_SNOB_318 copy

Lavishly yours,

Tania Semper xxo

admin http://www.efashionista.ca <![CDATA[Shoe Crush Monday]]> http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/?p=6784 2013-11-11T23:24:51Z 2013-11-11T23:24:51Z Shoe Crush Monday

Who doesn’t like gold glitter shoes with bows? Such a combination can only be fashioned by Kate Spade!

You can purchase your pair here for $328.

Kate Spade

Lavishly yours,

Tania Semper xxo

admin http://www.efashionista.ca <![CDATA[A Luxe Lingerie Event for Bra Snobs]]> http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/?p=6772 2013-11-08T15:56:10Z 2013-11-08T15:51:20Z Lingerie Event

We’re hosting our Annual “Luxe Lingerie event for Bra Snobs” at Coup de Foudre on Friday, Nov.15th! Enter our dreamy world of Parisian lingerie, boudoir-inspired cocktails, sweets and more xo

Here’s an inside look at last year’s boudoir escapade hosted in Montreal – gallery

Lavishly yours,

Tania Semper xo

admin http://www.efashionista.ca <![CDATA[Our Weekly Gem]]> http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/?p=6741 2013-11-08T13:04:55Z 2013-11-08T12:56:56Z Weekly Gem

Introducing Christine Hellstrom, the entrepreneuress behind Coup de Foudre, a french-inspired, lingerie boutique nestled in Richmond Hill, Ontario – we’ll be hosting our Annual Bra Snob event there on Nov.15th! Christine’s love for Parisian lingerie peaked during her month long exchange to France where she broadened her horizons of everything beautiful and everything French.

The opulence of Versailles took her breath away. Ladies love of fashion, lingerie in particular, which allowed her to experience unparalleled quality, partnered with exquisite beauty – she was smitten by the empowerment of the French woman, who believe in dressing from the inside outward!

Coup de Foudre

So why Coup de Foudre dare you ponder? She was fortunate to be part of a lucky group of 19 who were “struck by lightning” after wining the lottery while working at Bell Canada. Although she loved her management role, she left shortly after to pursue her dream of opening up a lingerie shop that would express her love for France and satisfy all her exquisite boudoir desires.

Her dreamy boutique features some of the most lavish European lingerie brands known to a Bra Snob, some of my faves include; BordelleMaison CloseSimone PereleChantelle, not to mention an extravagant hosiery line called Gerbe from Paris!

Here’s an inside look at Christine’s boudoir platform..

Coup de Foudre

Lavishly yours,

Tania Semper xxo

admin http://www.efashionista.ca <![CDATA[Shoe Crush Monday]]> http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/?p=6725 2013-11-04T13:09:49Z 2013-11-04T08:00:36Z Shoe Crush Monday

Woo-hoo, it’s Shoe Crush Monday! This week we’re shedding some light on Ted Baker shoes, how delightful are these floral pumps?

They retail for $170 and can be purchased here.

Ted Baker Shoes

Lavishly yours,

Tania Semper