Baking in High Heels

Seen above is our Limited-Edition “Baking in High Heels” painting designed for our Toronto event on Aug.16th 2012. Photo taken by Click Photography

eFashionista, where fantasy meets reality ~ We ROCK at creating themed events & photoshoots, connecting Fashionistas to the most sought-after shops, products & services across Canada. It’s all in the itsy-bitsy details, from the custom stationary, whimsical decor, florals, extravagant candy table designs, mouth-watering cocktails, all the way to the tip of our stilettos! – we’re all about satisfying the senses from the heel up!

Baking in High Heels

Painter, Antoine Tavaglione

We’re taking our events up an “inch”, introducing a “Baking in High Heels” National Tour in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary & Quebec. Fashionistas will learn how to rock their heels alongside our high heel expert, sip on Cotton Candy martini’s while attempting a Cake Pop baking session, donning raspberry coloured, frilly designer aprons!

It goes without saying, that every great event is linked to a great cause. As we promote luxury living, and encourage women to splurge on Canada’s finest services, it is important to give back to our community and help others in need.

As we host our BIHH events across Canada, Tania Semper, CEO & creative mind behind eFashionista, has established a
partnership with Montreal-born painter Antoine Tavaglione who has agreed to design a limited-edition high heel painting that best represents each city. Each painting is exclusive to eFashionista and will be auctioned off shortly after each event in hopes to raise a considerable amount of funds for a local women’s shelter..

As our BIHH’s event series is all about heels, we encourage fashionistas to donate a pair of pre-loved heels (old pair) to the event. All heels & a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

Click here to see some images from our Toronto event

For additional information, please contact: Tania Semper at 1.877.992.5410 / /

Baking in High Heels (behind the scenes)

We did it! We completed an eFashionista ~ (never been done before) “Baking in High Heels” event & we managed to pull it all off in such a short time frame!

Tania Semper, CEO & creative mind behind eFashionista, had a trip booked in advance and traveled to Jamaica (for a much needed vacation) a few days prior to the event. Ambitious as she was, she still wanted to tackle a “Baking in High Heels” photoshoot session, one media baking session & one Fashionista session all in just 6hrs! We bet you’re wondering if she succeeded? Almost.

With only 2 hrs before doors opened for media at 4:30pm, Tania was hustling to arrive at Dish Cooking studio on time. Unable to find a cab large enough to transport a high heel painting, 6 boxes of lingerie, glosses, nail polish, heel condoms, designer heels etc. she arrived at the scene 35 minutes behind schedule. We scrambled to get everything in order, Natalie Langston was greeting the guests while the Sweet Table team placed an abundance of candy jars around the baking platform while Beth from Whimsical Wedding Cakes set up her cake pop baking station with her fabulous decorative cakes & high heel cupcakes – yum!

Media started strutting their stuff through the doors at 4:30pm sharp, while our model was posing in the finest La Lilouche lingerie & frilly Nicole Phillips aprons… a sight many didnt anticipate while walking into a “baking class”, well, perhaps the apron & high heels might have given it away.

At 5pm Tania was still wearing running shoes, a beautiful dress designed by Carissa our designer, a frilly apron with her hair fastened in a pony tail and half her face painted. Christine Cho, you know what we’re talking about!

The media session didn’t pan out as planned, however, we were “ROCKING OUR HEELS” by the time our doors opened for our Fashionista session at 6:30pm! The girls were equipped with matching raspberry frilly aprons, sipped on mint flavored welcome cocktails, received a crash course on wearing heels while baking with Tina Karr & cotton candy martini making with Matt Jones from Beam Global & Lana Tobin from Le Germain Maple Leafs PLAY Lounge.

Like any event, there are always some bittersweet moments, our assistant came down with a cold, our Cake Pop baker got into a car accident and both had to cancel on us one day prior. Beth, our whimsical wedding cake sponsor stepped up to the serving plate and rescued us at the very last minute! Thank you Beth! xxo

Would we do it all over again? You betcha!

Checkout some mobile “behind-the-scenes” pictures here, professional images from our event will be posted soon, stay tuned! xo

A sweet thank you to;

Christine from Click Photography, David from 2D Studio , Delia from Next Models, Christine Cho from Cho Beauty, Candice Irons, Sam & Kevin from Paper Ideas, Antoine Tavaglione, Helen from Europa Group, Liya from La Lilouche, Crissi from Town Shoes, Carissa from Copious Couture, Sara from Sweet Pea’s, Sara from STLTO Wine,  Tina Karr ~ High Heel Expert, Nancy from Beauty So Clean, Matt Jones from Beam Global , Lana Tobin from PLAY Lounge, Stacey from  ~ Le Germain Hotel, Stephanie & Izabel from Sweet Table Designs, Beth from Whimsical Wedding Cakes, Nicole from TootlePip, Liana from GlobLove, Rosemary from Mane Teeze, Louis-Martin from Gloss Bar , Naana from Cocolilliy, Sandrysabel from Heel Condoms & of course Pam from Dish Cooking Studio.

The eFashionista Dream Team 

"Baking in High Heels" Invitation



Tina Karr ~ eFashionista’s high heel expert will teach you how to perfect your stride and wear heels while baking
Lana Tobin our high heel martini mistress from PLAY Lounge & Matt Jones from Beam Global our expert mixologist will teach you how to perfect the cotton candy martini
Beth Appleton from Whimsical Wedding Cakes will give you the lowdown on cake pop making

+ STLTO Wine Sampling with Sarah Liberatore


Best Pair of Heels ~ A chocolate heel designed by The Golden Apple
Best Stride ~ A hair perfume gift pack by Mane Teeze
Best Cotton candy martini ~ A designer garter by Tootlepip
Best Cake Pop Design ~ A frilly apron & dish gloves

Bid on a (limited edition) High Heel painting designed by Antoine Tavaglione (funds will be donated to a local women’s shelter)

THE ICING ON THE CAKE? A designer high heel giveaway valued at $750 ofered PRFKT boutique by Europa Group!

SWEET FACT ~ No one leaves empty handed, we’ve got luxury gift bags to giveaway so make sure you’ve RSVP’d ASAP.

"Baking in High Heels" Partners


This is an event you won’t want to miss! Contact us directly at / 1.877.992.5410 

Visit the eFashionista Facebook Fanpage for pictures of our prizes & more ~

Fashionably yours,

The eFashionista Dream Team xo

eFashionista Baking in High Heels

Introducing eFashionista’s Premier Baking Session ~ The Art of Baking in High Heels

Dish Cooking Studio will be transformed into a dreamy world of high heel florals, chocolate heels and whimsical cakes & sweets, while Fashionistas learn how to rock their heels alongside our high heel expert, sip on Cotton Candy martini’s while attempting a Cake Pop baking session, donning raspberry coloured, frilly designer aprons! You won’t want to miss it!

eFashionista Designer Apron


6pm - Welcome Cocktail /  STLTO wine

6:30pm - A “rock your heels” training session from Tina Karr, our high heel expert. Fashionistas will learn how to perfect their stride and wear heels while baking.

7pm - Crash course on cake pop & cotton candy martini making

THE ICING ON THE CAKE -  PRFKT  is giving away a pair of designer high heels (value of $750)! Prizes will be offered to Fashionistas sporting the best pair of heels!

SWEET FACT: Fashionistas never leave a party empty handed! We’ve got gift bags containing luxury lingerie, heel accessories, nail polish and more…  


Feel free to contact us directly: 514.992.5410 /

Our Baking in High Heel Partners

Fashionably yours,

The eFashionista Dream Team xo

Baking in High Heels Apron

I’ll have whatever she’s serving!

Playing hostess (naughty or nice) & doing housework has never been so lavish and sexy.
TOOTLEPIP’s vintage-inspired fashion aprons, designed by Nicole Phillips, will without a doubt bring out your “domestic diva”. The most monotonous of chores will transform into glamorous errands the moment you drape yourself in one of these bad boys.

Warning: the moment you order your fabulous apron, you will encounter an uncontrollable urge to host the next dinner party, better start planning the menu!…cupcakes anyone?

Price: $145 / apron – can be made in the colour of their choice.

SWEET FACT: All aprons come with your name embroidered on the inside of the bib.

EVEN SWEETER: For only $15, Fashionistas can order a matching garter!

Order one now –

The eFashionista Dream Team

Chanel Ice Cream

{source: pinterest}

When it comes to sweets, there’s no reason why Fashionistas should settle for anything less than designer treats!

Chanel monogrammed cones, Gucci ice cream sandwiches, Louis Vuitton pops, the possibilities are endless when designer goodies are at bay! So where can you find them all? Unfortunately, they are hard to come by, but we recommend asking your local baker if they are up for the task!

Who doesn’t ♥ ice cream? Raise the glamour bar by adding monogramed cones at your special event, personal or corporate. We’re all about personalization, and we can assure you that your guests will rave about them for weeks to come.

EXTRA SWEETNESS : Opt for coloured ice cream cones versus the traditional kind – up to you!

What about customized lollipops like the Chanel pop below? Yes please!! ♥

 The eFashionista Dream Team xo

Fashionista Heels

{photo source: Pinterest}

All this High Heel Chatter can only mean one thing!

It’s no secret that we ♥ heels, in fact what Fashionista doesn’t? You may have noticed our frequent high heel posts on our Facebook & Twitter pages lately and let us tell you that’s no coincidence.. we’ve got some serious sweetness up our sleeves this Summer! We’re combining our love for high heels, sweets & treats, fabulous luxury goodie bags, a high heel expert & mouth watering cocktails at our upcoming Special Edition “Baking in High Heels” event.

Our event will be hosting across Canada; starting with Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & Quebec city. We’ve only got space for 30 Fashionistas / event, so anyone interested will need to RSVP asap ~ We’ll be posting all the sweet details shortly, stay tuned xxo

SWEET FACT: We’ll be giving away a pair of high heels valued at $650!

Fashionably yours,

The eFashionista Dream Team xo

Summer Cocktail

{photo source: Pinterest}

Summer wouldn’t be complete without Fashionista cocktails!

We’ve been on an ever-lasting mission to find the best fashionista cocktail recipes known to women, and we must say that we are quite pleased with our findings. As a matter of fact, we are trying very hard to pace ourselves by revealing one at a time, allowing ample amounts of time to tackle one before moving onto the next…

Introducing The Stilleto, a cocktail designed by Cheri Loughlin - The Intoxicologist.

Cheri surveyed her male friends & colleagues and concluded that overall, men found it sexiest when a women ordered bourbon or whiskey based cocktails at the bar. They found it especially pleasing if she sported a pair of stilettos while doing so, but of course you already knew that!

The Stiletto

2-1/2 parts Bourbon (we ♥ Maker’s Mark)

1/4 part Amaretto

1/4 part Lime Juice

Fashionista Directions: Make sure you are wearing your best pair of stilettos while placing ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake to blend and chill, then strain into a martini glass or a jug for added flair.

The Bourbon notes will warm your hearts and tickle your toes, right down to the tips of your pointed toe stilettos…

Add fruity ice cubes to raise the “wow” bar, we guarantee that you’ll have your girlies begging for more!

Cocktail Fruit Ice Cubes

SWEET FACT: The Fashionista who tackles this cocktail best will win a glittery cocktail stir. Send a snapshot of your delicious creation to

The eFashionista Team xxo

Last April, five Fashionistas got all glammed up for their very own photoshoot session within our chocolaty, whimsical Easter platform! Ally & Judy tackled hair + makeup, while Tania Semper layed out all the glittery dresses, fluffy pastel colored petticoats and dainty accessories for all the girls to try. Each Fashionista chose two outfits to wear during their photo session.

What makes our Signature photo shoots so “Signature” are all the tiny little details involved. We make sure to hand-pick every item to ensure the perfect fit. Our goal is to bring a “dream setting” to life.

We just loved Manon’s chocolate heels, decorative easter eggs & chocolate shaped lips! Gateaulogie supplied us with a fabulously layered pastel coloured cake, and bunny tailed cake pops while Maria from Rococo offered an egg shaped cake, individual macarons, a macaron layered cake topped with orchids along with the cutest lemon meringues. Alex from La Cornetteria contributed pastel colored meringues which filled our glass vase perfectly, but Luluthia’s massive flower balls were the final touch that brought all the sweet elements together.

Have a look at our very sweet video below, you’ll see how we brought all the elements to life! Checkout our Facebook fanpage for a full gallery of all the professional pictures and full list of all the vendors involved – click here

Easter Bunny Photoshoot from eFashionista on Vimeo.

Sweet Fact ~ Did you know that you don’t have to be a model to star in our photoshoots? Our shoots are available to any Fashionista member looking to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity of embarking on a whimsical escapade provided by eFashionista.

You can also book your private photoshoot session directly through us – 514.992.5410 /

The eFashionista Team

Luxury Hand Bags

{via Pinterest}

My dream bag…

Everybody has preferences when it comes to handbags.
However, a common Fashionista has one for everyday and every outfit, varying in style, shape, size & color. But how about a selection of handbags designed / customized just for you? Wishful thinking, or is it?

Check us out tomorrow during our Cheeky Thursday happy hour, you’ll hate yourself if you miss it!

In the meantime…

Enjoy some fun facts about handbags:

• H. J. Cave was the very first to produce a set of luxury handbags in 1841
• The most expensive of luxury handbags are made by Hermès, starting at $6,000
• The terms “handbag” and “purse” are interchangeable in North America however in Britain, the term “purse” is used to refer to a small coin bag
• The average woman owns 6 handbags
• Marc Jacobs has named 21 of his bags after models, including the “Christy” (Turlington) and the “Karolina” (Kurkova)…
• One in ten women are willing to spend over $150 for a handbag

Source: SHOP Etc 

 The eFashionista Team