Tea-Infused Cocktails

The cocktail is just as important as the glass it is served in! Our Signature events are all about the little details, from the whimsical decor, custom stationary, floral design, the shoes we’re sporting, right down to the drinks were serving – it’s all about satisfying the senses from the heel up!

We wanted to serve our “Bra Snobs” a boudoir-inspired concoction at our Luxe Lingerie event for Bra Snobs last November so we opted for tea-infused cocktails. It was a night to remember, we taught our Fashionistas how to choose the perfect bra, how to care for their luxe lingerie, pose in the most flattering way while sporting fine lingerie and sky high heels in the bedroom setting.

The gorgeous mauve, detailed champagne flute pictured above was found at HomeSense for less than $10! Fancy the detailing in the background? The table cloth, serving tray and palette pillows, were also found at HomeSense. Checkout our Bra Snob promo video and event gallery here.

Here is our recipe for our Tea-Infused cocktail:

- 1 part lemon flavoured Grey Goose

- 1 part Heavenly Cream by Sloane Tea

- 1 part grapefruit sorbet by Les Givres

A some fresh mint for garnish!

Sloane Tea

Stay fabulous and enjoy! xxo

Tania Semper ~ Tales of a Bra Snob

Who said Gelato was reserved for hot Summer days? I’m all about breaking the rules, especially on VDay. Determined to “whipping” together a deliciously decadent cocktail for the beau, using whipped cream flavoured vodka as my base was a no brainer. New to Canada, Whipped UV Vodka’s sweet confectionary aroma will seduce you at first scent.

For added texture, I topped my concoction with a scoop of salted caramel Gelato found at a nearby quaint gelato shop called G for Gelato, along with a raspberry / pistachio macaron – the hardest part was getting it on the rim of the glass without cracking!

Cocktail Ingredients

1 part Whipped UV Vodka

1 part Salted Caramel G for Gelato

1 part Half and Half

1 part lemon zest

A raspberry / pistachio flavored macaron proved to be the most suitable garnish!

Do you have a drink recipe you’d like to share? Send it to admin@efashionista.ca

Tania Semper – Ultimate Fashionista