Shoe Addiction

At eFashionista, we believe every work week should start with an inspirational shoe post, setting the “pace” for the days to come! Seeing how we will be hosting an eFashionista Spring Escapade party at Lollipops this Thursday, it seemed more than appropriate to feature a shoe from their  Spring / Summer collection, so here it is:

Lollipops Paris

This Ocean High Pink Lollipops wedge accentuated with 3 rows of pearls and hard-to-miss polka dot pattern will adorn your feet with just the right amount of height and shoe bling! Retails for approx. $160

Tania Semper ~ Ultimate eFashionista

Shay Lowe

{photo credits: Ryan Emberley}

Shay Lowe knows how to dazzle her clients with extravagant jewellery designs. All of her pieces are made to order, exude sophistication, class and are filled with colorful detail – guaranteed to make a statement anywhere you go! So where does Shay get her inspiration? She’s heavily inspired by the glamour of the 80′s, Old Hollywood, vintage jewels, art and of course her travels.

“You have to be tapped into your creativity, your senses and what moves you. Know your brand and what emulates that and your customer”
Shay Lowe Spring Necklace 2013 TNP-220

Get up close & personal with Shay:

1. What would our Fashionista audience be surprised to learn about you?

Before I became a Designer/Entrepreneur many years ago, I had a whole other career in the legal field managing articling student programs and professional development. I’ve always been right brain/left brain. Being a Designer and Entrepreneur encompasses both. I love being driven by both sides…with passion!

2. What is your favourite piece of jewelry up to date? 

All of my pieces are my favourites – you have to really love each piece but if I had to choose I’d say the statement necklace that was on the cover of FLARE Magazine.
3. What is your most sacred beauty / fashion possession? 
My most sacred beauty possession is #1 – WATER! I drink tons of it – it’s uber healthy, keeps you looking young and fresh with glowing skin. My makeup favourites – I love Armani Fluid Sheer foundation, Lancome Hypnose mascara, Bobbi Brown blush, MAC highlighter/bronzer, and my Rimmel lip glosses! I can’t get enough of Jurlique rose scented products for my face and body.
My most sacred fashion possessions are my one-of-a-kind Swarovski encrusted cocktail ring I designed, my vintage jewel collection, my Mother’s jewellery, and my classic Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. I also have a pair of my ‘magic’ sparkly heels I got in NYC that I will never get rid of.

Our top glitzy picks are:

Shay Lowe Spring Necklace 2013

Shay Lowe Spring Bracelet 2013 Shay Lowe Spring Necklace 2013

{Product shots by: Tara Noelle}

The eFashionista Team xo 

NK Assouline

{Photography by Bessie & Coco}

Meet Naomi Assouline, one of the gorgeous Fashionistas who took part in our Annual eFashionista Snow Bunny event last March. Not only is Naomi an incredibly stunning woman from the inside out but she dazzled our beautiful guests with gorgeous jewels that both she and her beautiful mother conceptualized in Cancun, Mexico.

NK Assouline is a jewelry collection that exudes luxury, splendour and prestige, made with some of the finest precious stones. Naomi sported a necklace and bangle made of gold and blue quartz. Click here for our promo video.

Snow Bunny Jewels

Learn more about Naomi: 

1. What did you love most about your Snow Bunny shoot? The cake pops by far!!

2. What inspired you to start your own jewelry line?

When my mother and I moved to Cancun, we realized that we had acquired a certain taste that was not yet represented, so over the next 2 years we travelled to over 35 different cities across the globe in order to create a collection that embodied our vision. The “Mille et une Nuits” collection was the result of that. A mix of 24k plated gold and natural gemstones all hand made.

3. What fashion / beauty product can you not live without? I can’t live without my bronzing powder from Guerlain!

The eFashionista Snow Bunny Team xo

Lisa Kisber

{Photography by Bessie & Coco}

Aside from Lisa Kisber’s striking beauty and bubbly personally, this Montreal-born Fashionista is the fashion blogger for Virgin Radio, the official style blogger for Toronto Fashion Week, a P&G Beauty Blogger for Montreal Fashion Week and a social media consultant for the Fashion Design Council of Canada.

Lisa played the role of an edgy Bunny at our Annual Snow Bunny photoshootan event that photographs Fashionistas amongst the most whimsical icy platform featuring winter luxe products & decor. She was styled by Tania Semper and photographed wearing an Inukt furry coat, dazzled by NK Assouline jewels, beautified by Maggie Seeman from Spa Orazio for hair and makeup by Eva Pavlakos.

Here’s what Lisa had to say:

1. What did you love most about our Snow Bunny shoot? I loved that we got to pose in an igloo and that everyone was so nice! (I also loved the spiked hot cocoa :) )

2. What makes your the ultimate Fashionista? I can’t say I am the ultimate fashionista but I definitely live for fashion and beauty

3. What fashion / beauty product can you not live without? I can’t live without my armour ring that I have had since I was 17 yrs old and without Dior blackout mascara

Bonus: What would our Fashionistas be surprised to learn about you? I was once a corporate attorney

Did we mention she also sits on the Board of Directors of Art of Fashion and is the Chief Marketing Officer for GLOSSYBOX Canada? She sure does!

Visit our event gallery here and watch the event video below;

The eFashionista Snow Bunny Team xo

Ainsley Kerr

{photography by Corina V

Ainsley Kerr booked her private photoshoot session at our Annual Spring bunny photoshoot at the Trump Tower hotel in Toronto along with two other bunnies (stay tuned for their bunny reveals). Ainsley was styled by Tania Semper herself, pampered by our fabulous Lush Brush beauty team and photographed wearing a bustier by Marciano, an Ann Swank petticoat, Nine West  shoes (Bloor location) and dazzled with jewels from the Bay.

Here is what she had to say:

1. What did you love most about our Spring Bunny shoot? I loved my co-fashionista, Schmunko! I used to have the most adorable rabbit named Bonnie and he reminded me of her.

2. What would our fashionista audience be surprised to learn about you? That although I love fashion and LOVE dressing up – in my day to day life I am actually quite casual.

3. How do you pamper & splurge aka unleash your inner princess? I hate not having my nails done so I have regular manicures.

Due to my unreasonable heel habit I go in for foot reflexology treatments once or twice a month.

* Bonus question: What is your most sacred fashion / beauty possession? My most sacred fashion possession is my vintage Cartier watch.

Wanna see  more pictures from our Spring Bunny shoot including our celebrity bunny? Click here.
The eFashionista Team xo

Happy Easter

Hello Spring Bunnies,

We’re wishing you an oh-so lovely Easter filled with sweets, designer florals, and quality time spent with loved ones! If you’re entertaining this weekend or going over to someone who is, we recommend bringing over a high heel floral accessorized with fresh flowers – tulips and buttonmoms are the way to go according to De Rose Designs and Floral Boutique!

 High Heel Florals

If lending out one of your favourite heels is unimaginable for you, opt for a high heel made out of 100% chocolate by the Trump hotel sweet team – it’s a guaranteed wow factor.

Chocolate High Heels


All of these pics were taken by Corina V at our Spring Bunny shoot last Sunday at the Trump hotelStay tuned for a detailed blog post on Tania Semper and her exceptional team of experts who partook in our whimsical Spring shoot. 

** Be sure to checkout our online directory of preferred florists, sweet designers and more!  Click here

The eFashionista Team xo

Easter Bunny Shoot

Spring is here! We’re celebrating its debut with our Annual Easter Bunny Photoshoot this Sunday at the beautiful Windsor hotel located in Yorkville, Toronto. Last year 5 girls booked their private session and posed for our camera amongst a whimsical platform of pink and white flower balls with our celebrity bunny at hand, here’s our gallery & video. This time around, we’ll be mixing vivid colours along with their pastel counterparts featuring luxe accessories, petticoats and high heels in shades of emerald, lavender and gold!

We’re giving away 1 free photoshoot session, any requirements? Must love bunnies, fashion, sweets and enjoy getting pampered. Simply reserve your spot here:

Here’s what’s included in your 2hr session:

- Expert Hair & Makeup by LushBrush

- Photography by Corina V.

- Floral Decor by DeRose Designs

- Beautiful petticoats by Swank Underpinnings

- 3 Professionally retouched images + “behind the scenes” images

* We’ll be giving Glossy Boxes for taking part along with UV Vodka Candy Bar cocktails featuring G for Gelato!

Media? Reserve your Spring Bunny Pass here:

The eFashionista Team xo

eFashionista Snow Bunny Photoshoot

At last, we can kiss winter goodbye and welcome Spring blooms! Our Annual Snow Bunny shoot took place at Amarulas Ice Restaurant in Centropolis Laval last Tuesday. Amidst the rain and melting igloo, six fashionistas partook in the ultimate eFashionista photoshoot experience.

Our Snow Bunnies were pampered with expert makeup by Eva Pavlakos, hair styling by Spa Orazio, dazzled with beautiful NK Assouline jewels, frosted lacquered nails by Derm & Touche, accessorized with furry Inukt attire and posed for Bessie & Coco amongst our whimsical Winter Wonderland platform. It was winter luxury at its best.

Our Frosted Decor, Florals & Sweets: Les Fleurs Kenzo created beautiful florals captivated within iced blue vases, Superchickland made beautiful irredscdent kandy kones, frosted blue and pink cookie pops by Fashionista Treats, cake pop bouquets and snow-flake cake pops by Le Petit Cake Shop and our eye-candy chocolate covered apples were provided by Rocky Mountain.

Stay tuned for pics! xo

The eFashionista Frosted Team xo

Valentines Day Hairstyles

Hello lovelies, Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, have you given your go-to hairstyle some thought? Here are a few of our favourite looks to get you started; high crown with half-up / half-down hair, side ponytails revealing the neck with luscious loose or brushed out curls and curly, bouncy hair accessorized with a bohemian-style hair band, all scream “romantic”!

No matter what your hair type is, all of these styles require volumized, textured hair, we recommend using the below Big Sexy Hair styling product:



What’s your favourite hairstyle? You can also visit our Pinterest page for a further look at more of our preferred hairstyles.

The eFashionista Team xo


This is the last luxe travel-related product feature (Day # 4) before our Travelista event tomorrow! We’ve featured everything from Swarovski studded umbrellas, gold-plated writing instruments, extravagant high-heel accessories and last, an element that will literally hold all these elements together; an indestructible, stylishly designed Rimowa carry-on.

Rimowa is a European company that excels at making high-quality, “lightweight” carry-ons. No more stressing about exceeding the weight limit at check-in ladies, you can pack in the shoes, stress-free! They come in a variety of colors & sizes.

SWEET FACT: Rimowa luggage will be showcased at our Travelista event tomorrow along with our “packing expert”! Don’t miss your flight! Reserve your Boarding Pass

The Travelista Team xo