Happy Halloween

There is no such thing as a typical Halloween for a Fashionista, especially not in our magical world. Nurse, school girl & scary witch costumes are not part of our repertoire, instead, we seek the most intricate yet mystically fabulous costumes, which are generally all custom made – besides, who wants to show up to a party wearing the same costume as someone else anyway!?

The above picture represents mystery, seduction with just the right dose of elegance. Liya Amar from La Lilouche is the queen when it comes to creating pieces that encompass all three elements. Our model Aleksandra is wearing Liya’s most lavish robe, accented with a heart-shape cutout at the back from our “Alice meets Sugarland” shoot, photographed by Badger Photography.

Everything we do has to be grand, we have this constant desire to keep reinventing the wheel, injecting a touch of glamour each time. Take our glitter pumpkins for example, it’s not to say that orange Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins aren’t beautiful as they are, “au contraire” – we’re  simply enhancing their beauty by raising their glitter bar. The picture below was taken from our Fall “Baking in High Heels” event last Wednesday. Tania Semper & Genevieve Ghaleb were the pumpkin design-istas while Manny from Luluthia added a touch of florals. Aren’t they gorg?

Glitter Pumpkins

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Have you glittered your pumpkins? Send us a picture of your whimsical costume / decor and if you’re picture is selected, we’ll treat you to a very special pampering escapade: admin@efashionista.ca

The eFashionista Team xo