Welcome aboard Travelistas!

On Thursday, May 23rd, 35 executive eFashionistas explored the world of traveling in style at our private party alongside Tania Semper and her experts: hairstylist Maggie Semaan, make-up artist Eva Pavlakos and packing expert Carolyn Ko. This not-so-corporate event was graciously hosted in the Presidential Suite at the InterContinental in Old Montreal (spoiled much?! See for yourself – click here)

Our guests were fashionably greeted with eFashionista passports (cleverly disguised room keys…) and escorted to the 26th floor, suite 2600, a suite filled with girly goodness. What a refreshing break from the usual corporate stuffiness! With Skinny Girl margaritas in one hand, and scrumptious cake pops by Fashionista Treats in the other, our executive Travelistas mingled and immersed themselves in a world of luxury. They lavishly explored three realms key to stylish travel; hair, make-up and packing. So, how does one go from a business meeting to a rockin’ cocktail in 20 minutes?! No problem! Fab hair and make-up solutions were demonstrated on keen Travelistas. How about packing a carry-on for a 3-day business trip? No shortage of tips here ladies! Stunning Tumi luggage and a high-end wardrobe courtesy of Prfkt and Europa boutiques were used to show our guests tricks of the trade.

Oh and how could I forget to mention the glam giveaways at the end of the soiree?! If our guests weren’t spoiled enough already, they certainly were now. Luxurious high-end hair tools by Hair Forensic, a luxe travel pouch by Miss Mak, MaskerAid facial masks, gift certificates for hair, make-up and mani/pedis, Skinny Girl Margarita bottles…

Until next time Travelistas… xxo!

Maya G. xxo 

NK Assouline

{Photography by Bessie & Coco}

Meet Naomi Assouline, one of the gorgeous Fashionistas who took part in our Annual eFashionista Snow Bunny event last March. Not only is Naomi an incredibly stunning woman from the inside out but she dazzled our beautiful guests with gorgeous jewels that both she and her beautiful mother conceptualized in Cancun, Mexico.

NK Assouline is a jewelry collection that exudes luxury, splendour and prestige, made with some of the finest precious stones. Naomi sported a necklace and bangle made of gold and blue quartz. Click here for our promo video.

Snow Bunny Jewels

Learn more about Naomi: 

1. What did you love most about your Snow Bunny shoot? The cake pops by far!!

2. What inspired you to start your own jewelry line?

When my mother and I moved to Cancun, we realized that we had acquired a certain taste that was not yet represented, so over the next 2 years we travelled to over 35 different cities across the globe in order to create a collection that embodied our vision. The “Mille et une Nuits” collection was the result of that. A mix of 24k plated gold and natural gemstones all hand made.

3. What fashion / beauty product can you not live without? I can’t live without my bronzing powder from Guerlain!

The eFashionista Snow Bunny Team xo

Ainsley Kerr

{photography by Corina V

Ainsley Kerr booked her private photoshoot session at our Annual Spring bunny photoshoot at the Trump Tower hotel in Toronto along with two other bunnies (stay tuned for their bunny reveals). Ainsley was styled by Tania Semper herself, pampered by our fabulous Lush Brush beauty team and photographed wearing a bustier by Marciano, an Ann Swank petticoat, Nine West  shoes (Bloor location) and dazzled with jewels from the Bay.

Here is what she had to say:

1. What did you love most about our Spring Bunny shoot? I loved my co-fashionista, Schmunko! I used to have the most adorable rabbit named Bonnie and he reminded me of her.

2. What would our fashionista audience be surprised to learn about you? That although I love fashion and LOVE dressing up – in my day to day life I am actually quite casual.

3. How do you pamper & splurge aka unleash your inner princess? I hate not having my nails done so I have regular manicures.

Due to my unreasonable heel habit I go in for foot reflexology treatments once or twice a month.

* Bonus question: What is your most sacred fashion / beauty possession? My most sacred fashion possession is my vintage Cartier watch.

Wanna see  more pictures from our Spring Bunny shoot including our celebrity bunny? Click here.
The eFashionista Team xo

eFashionista Snow Bunny Photoshoot

At last, we can kiss winter goodbye and welcome Spring blooms! Our Annual Snow Bunny shoot took place at Amarulas Ice Restaurant in Centropolis Laval last Tuesday. Amidst the rain and melting igloo, six fashionistas partook in the ultimate eFashionista photoshoot experience.

Our Snow Bunnies were pampered with expert makeup by Eva Pavlakos, hair styling by Spa Orazio, dazzled with beautiful NK Assouline jewels, frosted lacquered nails by Derm & Touche, accessorized with furry Inukt attire and posed for Bessie & Coco amongst our whimsical Winter Wonderland platform. It was winter luxury at its best.

Our Frosted Decor, Florals & Sweets: Les Fleurs Kenzo created beautiful florals captivated within iced blue vases, Superchickland made beautiful irredscdent kandy kones, frosted blue and pink cookie pops by Fashionista Treats, cake pop bouquets and snow-flake cake pops by Le Petit Cake Shop and our eye-candy chocolate covered apples were provided by Rocky Mountain.

Stay tuned for pics! xo

The eFashionista Frosted Team xo

Snow Bunny Photoshoot

It’s that time of the year again, Montreal Snow Bunnies rejoice and kiss winter goodbye amongst our eFashionista Whimsical Winter Wonderland setting! Our bunnies will receive the ultimate winter experience; expert hair styling, frosted makeup / nail application, spiked hot coco for warmth, sweets for comfort, and will be photographed wearing furry / feathered accessories within our beautifully iced platform. Checkout last year’s pictures & video.


“I am Inukt and my HEART is Free

~ Pocahontas meets Whimsical Winter Wonderland ~

Here’s what you need to know:

Date: Tuesday, March 12th 2013

Location: Amarula Ice Restaurant at Centropolis Laval (owned by the Snow Village)

Time: 10am – 4pm (media 1pm-4pm)

What’s Included:

- Hot, Spiked Coco & Sweets

- Hair by Spa Orazio (Maggie Seeman)

- Makeup by Eva Pavlakos 

- Nails by Derm & Touche 

- Furry Accessories by Inukt 

- Photography by Talin (Bessie & Coco) & Video by Marc Coppola

FROZEN PRICE: $295 (5 pics & video included) – BOOK YOUR SESSION: admin@efashionista / 514.992.5410

Our makeup inspiration is below – hues of frosted pinks, silvers and blues (will vary depending on bunny)

{photo credits: Pinterest} 

Media? You can pop in between 1pm-4pm and witness an eFashionista Snow Bunny photoshoot experience unfreeze before your eyes. Please RSVP admin@efashionista.ca / 514.992.5410.

Please note: This is a private gathering – must RSVP.

The eFashionista Snow Bunny Team xo 

Valentines Day Hairstyles

Hello lovelies, Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, have you given your go-to hairstyle some thought? Here are a few of our favourite looks to get you started; high crown with half-up / half-down hair, side ponytails revealing the neck with luscious loose or brushed out curls and curly, bouncy hair accessorized with a bohemian-style hair band, all scream “romantic”!

No matter what your hair type is, all of these styles require volumized, textured hair, we recommend using the below Big Sexy Hair styling product:



What’s your favourite hairstyle? You can also visit our Pinterest page for a further look at more of our preferred hairstyles.

The eFashionista Team xo

Travelista Event

Last Tuesday, December 11th eFashionista Travelistas booked their flight to VAULT boutique and entered our world of travel-inspired decor & luxe travel gear ~ an event dedicated to travel enthusiasts. Rimowa & Tumi luggage, Hugo Boss high heels, Gucci sunglasses, Versace shawls, Pasotti umbrellas & Moschino accessories filled the venue, offering both Travelistas & their male counterparts quite a selection to choose from at “duty-free” prices.

Our events are all about the little details, we partnered with Montreal’s finest professionals in bringing our travel-themed concept to life. Helen, owner of Vault boutique accommodated us with her fabulous venue, Le Tulipier, a floral design boutique accepted the task of transforming our Tumi luggage into a floral centerpiece while Barami, one of our favourite furniture shops in all of Montreal, supplied us with airplane-inspired furniture – how fitting!

Travelista Tumi Luggage

Every element fit within our travel theme, including our sweets. Superchick provided mapped Kandy Kones while Fashionista Treats & Petits Plaisirs Chocolata provided a variety of travel-sized delectables.


Our event wouldn’t have been complete without our experts! Caroline Ko offered tips & tricks on how to pack your carry-on, Ally Zwonok & Maggie Seeman transformed our Travelistas into Glamouristas with hair & makeup tips, while Ned from Beautifoto snapped everyone’s eFashionista passport pictures.

Meet some of our Travelista Passengers

eFashionistaTravelista Passengers

Thank you for flying with eFashionista, until next time! 

eFashionista Travelista

Couldn’t make it to our event last week? Sit tight, we’ll be posting some additional pictures along with our expert travel tips this week ~ stay tuned!

The Travelista Team xo


This is the last luxe travel-related product feature (Day # 4) before our Travelista event tomorrow! We’ve featured everything from Swarovski studded umbrellas, gold-plated writing instruments, extravagant high-heel accessories and last, an element that will literally hold all these elements together; an indestructible, stylishly designed Rimowa carry-on.

Rimowa is a European company that excels at making high-quality, “lightweight” carry-ons. No more stressing about exceeding the weight limit at check-in ladies, you can pack in the shoes, stress-free! They come in a variety of colors & sizes.

SWEET FACT: Rimowa luggage will be showcased at our Travelista event tomorrow along with our “packing expert”! Don’t miss your flight! Reserve your Boarding Pass http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/win-a-vip-boarding-pass-to-our-travelista-event/

The Travelista Team xo

Heel Condoms

We ♥ Heel Condoms! We love them so much, that we’re representing them for all of Canada. They are the most practical, yet fashionable accessory for any Travelista! Don’t have the space in your carry-on for all your favorite pairs of shoes? Choose one  along with four to five styles of Heel Condoms and you can pull off 5 different looks! These high heel accessories come in all sorts of styles & textures, we especially love the mutli-colored chiffon, they go with just about any outfit.

SWEET FACT: All of the above styles will be up for grabs at our Travelista event next Tuesday Dec.11th, have you reserved your V.I.P ticket yet? http://www.efashionista.ca/blog/win-a-vip-boarding-pass-to-our-travelista-event/

The Travelista Team xo

Mont Blanc

There is no such thing as writing with an ordinary pen in the world of an eFashionista Travelista! She seeks the best in all travel-related accessories; sky-high Hugo Boss pumps, Swarovski-studded Pasotti umbrellas, Moschino handbags, Rimowa aluminum carry-ons, straight to her Princess Grace monogramed pens ~ all of which will be available at our Travelista event next Tuesday, Dec.11th! Have you reserved your V.I.P boarding pass yet? 

The Mont BlancPrincesse Grace De Monaco pen is comprised of all the finest details, the nib is made with 18 K gold and accented with a heart-shaped hole. The cap and barrel is made of royal purple precious resin along with a champagne-tone, gold-plated clip, embellished with a petal-cut pink topaz. This instrument wouldn’t be complete without a Princess Grace monogram. This is what “unleashing your inner princess” is all about!

Mont Blanc

This Mont Blanc writing insrtument will be showcased at Vault next Tuesday at a “Duty-Free” price, don’t miss it!

Mont Blanc Princess Monaco

The Travelista Team xo