Happy Halloween

There is no such thing as a typical Halloween for a Fashionista, especially not in our magical world. Nurse, school girl & scary witch costumes are not part of our repertoire, instead, we seek the most intricate yet mystically fabulous costumes, which are generally all custom made – besides, who wants to show up to a party wearing the same costume as someone else anyway!?

The above picture represents mystery, seduction with just the right dose of elegance. Liya Amar from La Lilouche is the queen when it comes to creating pieces that encompass all three elements. Our model Aleksandra is wearing Liya’s most lavish robe, accented with a heart-shape cutout at the back from our “Alice meets Sugarland” shoot, photographed by Badger Photography.

Everything we do has to be grand, we have this constant desire to keep reinventing the wheel, injecting a touch of glamour each time. Take our glitter pumpkins for example, it’s not to say that orange Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins aren’t beautiful as they are, “au contraire” – we’re  simply enhancing their beauty by raising their glitter bar. The picture below was taken from our Fall “Baking in High Heels” event last Wednesday. Tania Semper & Genevieve Ghaleb were the pumpkin design-istas while Manny from Luluthia added a touch of florals. Aren’t they gorg?

Glitter Pumpkins

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Have you glittered your pumpkins? Send us a picture of your whimsical costume / decor and if you’re picture is selected, we’ll treat you to a very special pampering escapade: admin@efashionista.ca

The eFashionista Team xo

Baking in High Heels ~ Montreal

Our Canadian “Baking in High Heels“ tour is filled with glittery excitement, leaving behind a trail of sweetness in every city we visit. We’ve got all the footage to prove it, but first thing’s first – let’s shed some light on our fab partners who made our creamsicle photoshoot a living dream! More pics to come..

Creative Direction & Pumpkin Design-ista: Tania Semper

Creative Assistant & Pumpkin Design-ista: Genevieve Ghaleb

Model-ista: Bianca De Robertis

Fabulous Designer Aprons: TootlePip (want one? inbox us admin@efashionista.ca)

Edible-looking Jewelry: Chez Laurette

Sweet Table Design & Props: Joe’s Prop House

Makeup & Hair: Caroline Theoret

Eye Lashes: ILash.me

Floral Decor: Luluthia

Creamsicle Colored Meringues: La Cornetteria

Chocolate High Heels: L’Artiste Chocolatiere

Cake & Cupcakes: Cupcake et Macaron

Designer Cookies: L&V Sweets

Pumpkins: La Ferme Quinn

A special thank you to Monique Simone for her fab photography skills.

Stay tuned for a detailed blog post on our Montreal “Baking in High Heels” event! xo

Baking in High Heels

Our favorite part about designing an event is not only seeking the perfect vendors to turn our concept into a reality, but we especially love creating a vision board. As you know, every event should start with a vision / inspiration board, above is a concoction of all the wonderful elements we intend on bringing together at our upcoming “Baking in High Heels” event next Wednesday, October.24th.

Pinterest has served us well in providing us with an abundance of fabulous images to choose from.

This “Baking in High Heels” ~ Fall edition event is all about glitter pumpkins and sweet decor. Watch how we transform PRFKT boutique – a fashionista-must for designer fashions & accessories, into a whimsical fashionista dream, and we couldnt have asked for better partners!

Tania Semper – CEO & Creative mind behind eFashionista, will be tackling the “Baking in High Heels” design job with Genevieve Ghaleb, a Montreal-based design queen, who is not only always dressed to the nines with the most open-minded, yet outgoing personality, but has an expectional eye when it comes to interior design. We’ll be posting about their pumpkin hunting adventure shortly.

Our impeccable floral designs will be made by Manny from Luluthia while our props will be provided by no one other than Joe’s Prop house. They have the best assortment of decorative elements for any intimate-medium sized gathering. They have a true passion for detail and best yet, they are divine to work with.

Our fabulous Signature signage will be designed & printed by Tartine Paperie ~ a brand new design & print boutique, using some design elements from our previous Toronto “Baking in High Heels” graphic designer Kevin Lafleche from Paper Ideas.

Our various sweet tables will be filled with chocolate high heels by L’Artiste Chocolatiere, designer cupcakes by Cupcake et Macaron, designer cookies by L&V Sweets, decorative cupcake boxes by Jules Cupcakes, creamsicle colored meringues & cornettis by La Cornetteria and edible-looking jewelry by Chez Laurette will be displayed for additional eye-candy!

The Food Network SugarStars will be working alongside Matthieu Saunier, the executive chef at Osco restaurant in developing unique and playful edibles. We can’t wait to see what they have planned for us.

Quinn Farm has been wonderfully helpful in provided us with an assortment of pumpkins ranging from big to small, some for baking, others for carving and oddly enough, Gen and Tania loved the pumpkins with odd looking shapes and textures – imperfection proves to be beautiful!

Our Montreal “Baking in High Heels” partners are found below:

Baking in High Heels

We’ll be posting about our photoshoot & event sponsors shortly, stay tuned!

The eFashionista Dream Team xxo

Baking in High Heels Model


Meet Bianca, our Montreal-born, “Baking in High Heels“ Italian bombshell! She’s going to be playing the role as our eFashionista domestic goddess on Wednesday, October 24th and will be photographed amongst our dreamy platform of white, gold & silver glitter pumpkins, buttercream coloured florals, designer cookies & sweet decor. She’ll be dolled up by the Caroline Theoret beauty team and dressed in the most extravagant lingerie by Sonata Lingerie & La Lilouche, A-line dresses and sky-high heels by PRFKT boutique ~ does it get really get any better than this?

Have you seen our last “Baking in High Heels” footage? Click here for a glimpse of Delia, our beautiful model aka domestic goddess at our last “Baking in High Heels” event. You can also view her promotional video here

Get up close & personal with Bianca:

1. What makes you the ultimate fashionista?

I am the ultimate girlie girl. I love the traditional floral dresses, bows, heels, coloured lipsticks and nail polishes, glitter, pinks & purples. All in all, I am confident and proud to be a women. The events created by eFashionista make our girlie fantasy a reality.

2. Why have you decided to take part in our eFashionista “Baking in High Heels” photoshoot?

I immediately fell in love with eFashionista girlie theme. All women, no matter what age or size, can relate to all the detailed feminine characteristics.

3. What do you love most about modeling?

What I enjoy most about modeling is adaptation. Working with many different brands and companies you must learn to adapt with the style and theme for the brand you are representing. Visualizing what the brand wants and then creating on set is always a challenge I am up for.

4. What would our audience be surprised to learn about you?

Perhaps the most surprising and ironic part about me, not many expect due to my image, is that I’m a drummer and soccer player.

5. How do you pamper yourself? 

I know this may be strange but pampering myself is my daily workout. I take one hour everyday to vent out my daily stress and disconnect myself from the daily grind, and release it all during my Strength & Conditioning workout at APC. After my workout I feel top shape both mentally and physically.

We’re going to be releasing “behind-the-scenes” pictures at our upcoming “Baking in High Heels” event & photoshoot, stay tuned!

SWEET FACT: If you’re an eFashionista fan and share a passion for modeling, cakes, sweets & whimsical decor, send us your information: admin@efashionista.ca (you do not have to be a model by trade, a size 0 & 6 feet tall to qualify. Beauty, confidence & playfulness goes a long way! xxo

The eFashionista Dream Team

"Baking in High Heels" Invitation



Tina Karr ~ eFashionista’s high heel expert will teach you how to perfect your stride and wear heels while baking
Lana Tobin our high heel martini mistress from PLAY Lounge & Matt Jones from Beam Global our expert mixologist will teach you how to perfect the cotton candy martini
Beth Appleton from Whimsical Wedding Cakes will give you the lowdown on cake pop making

+ STLTO Wine Sampling with Sarah Liberatore


Best Pair of Heels ~ A chocolate heel designed by The Golden Apple
Best Stride ~ A hair perfume gift pack by Mane Teeze
Best Cotton candy martini ~ A designer garter by Tootlepip
Best Cake Pop Design ~ A frilly apron & dish gloves

Bid on a (limited edition) High Heel painting designed by Antoine Tavaglione (funds will be donated to a local women’s shelter)

THE ICING ON THE CAKE? A designer high heel giveaway valued at $750 ofered PRFKT boutique by Europa Group!

SWEET FACT ~ No one leaves empty handed, we’ve got luxury gift bags to giveaway so make sure you’ve RSVP’d ASAP.

"Baking in High Heels" Partners


This is an event you won’t want to miss! Contact us directly at admin@efashionista.ca / 1.877.992.5410 

Visit the eFashionista Facebook Fanpage for pictures of our prizes & more ~ http://www.facebook.com/events/266144466831520/

Fashionably yours,

The eFashionista Dream Team xo

We did it again – we pulled off another fabulous, yet very sweet photoshoot! 

Yesterday morning, we transformed Gateaulogie into a land even Alice in Wonderland wouldn’t recognize; “Sugarland” is what we called it. We started at 8am, bright and early and lasted till approx. 7pm, we ended our shoot with a segment of our model wearing lingerie, making a mess of herself with flour while pretending to bake in the kitchen – what a moment that was! More pics & insider details to come!

Sweet fact – Nicole Jones from CTV Citylights paid us a visit – keep an eye out for us this Saturday, after the 6pm news!

We couldn’t have done it without our awesome team, a very special thanks to;

Creative Director: Tania Semper

Venue: Pam & Barbara – mother / daughter duo at Gateaulogie 

Photographer: Badger Photography

Dessert table design: Leslie from Kreavie & Lorena Loressi 

Floral Decor: Les Fleurs Kenzo

Model: Aleksandra from Agency LOOK

Makeup Artist: Joanna Rudowicz

Hair Stylist: Aliki Atsalis

Fascinators: eFashionista designed by Nicole & Co. 

Dresses: eFashionista Signature dresses designed by our lead designer Carissa McCaig

Lingerie: Lalilouche

Video production: Nova Productions

The eFashionista Team

The video we’ve been excited to share with you is finally ready! If you haven’t been keeping tabs on our projects, last month we did a fabulous Boudoir photoshoot at the wonderful St-Martin Hotel in Montreal. We carefully selected hand-made lingerie with bows & frills as the outfit and hired a model with whom possessed a touch of  French flair – sweet, flirty & sophisticated was the look we were going for.

“The Making of an eFashionista” will give you an idea of what goes on while our shoots are underway. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to book a Boudoir photography session of your own; admin@efashionista.ca.

Enjoy! xox