Vday Apron

Become a Valentine Baking Goddess! How great would it be to surprise your lover wearing one of these fabulous designer aprons by TootlePip on Vday? Did we mention that dressing up in one will significantly improve your baking skills? It’s all about “faking it until you become it”! :)

Buy your TootlePip apron here ~ https://efashionista.myshopify.com/products/bakinginhighheels-aprons

p.s If you live in Toronto, you’ll find our friends over at Bite Me Bakery sporting these aprons, go pay them a visit!

Want to see more of these fab aprons? Checkout our Baking in High Heels Edition:

- Baking in High Heels (Toronto): Gallery / Video

The eFashionista Team xo

TootlePip Aprons

The holidays are right around the corner, have you decided on your hostess outfit yet? I definitely have mine pressed and ready to go! TootlePip designer aprons are the best “go-to” accessory for any fashionista hostess. If you’re all about hosting a gathering filled with glitz & glamour like I am, then your outfit must be an extension of that.

Of course my closet is filled with TootlePip aprons of every shade / style / texture imaginable, but the apron that is best suited for my holiday gathering this year is hands down, the gold glitter apron pictured below. You can snag yours here: https://efashionista.myshopify.com/products

SWEET FACT: All aprons are all custom-made using the finest fabrics selected by designer Nicole Phillips. You can even purchase a matching garter should you wish to have some “after-party” fun with your significant other. Did I mention they come with complementary embroidery & state-of-the-art packaging? They sure do!

TootlePip Aprons

Get a closer look at our TootlePip aprons featured in our Baking in High Heels video below:

Tania Semper ~ The Ultimate Fashionista

Tootle Pip & Heel Condoms

eFashionista is glitz & glamour at its best and we plan on continuously setting the standard with our whimsical events, photoshoots and Signature products, two of which are featured above; Heel Condoms & TootlePip aprons (image taken from our Baking in High Heels event).

We’ve been granted exclusivity for both of these brands for all of Canada (stay tuned for a more detailed post) so you’ll be hearing plenty about these fabulous products in the weeks to come. If you want them, we got them! Don’t hesitate to contact us ~ admin@efashionista.ca

You can also purchase these dainty creations via our online shop: http://efashionista.myshopify.com/

SWEET FACT: Did you know that your fist-time purchase comes with an eFashionista lipgloss? It sure does!

We spruced these Vince Camuto high heels with orange coloured Heel Condoms, you can snag your pair here for only $40.

Heel Condoms

 The eFashionista Team

Baking in High Heels ~ Montreal

Our Canadian “Baking in High Heels“ tour is filled with glittery excitement, leaving behind a trail of sweetness in every city we visit. We’ve got all the footage to prove it, but first thing’s first – let’s shed some light on our fab partners who made our creamsicle photoshoot a living dream! More pics to come..

Creative Direction & Pumpkin Design-ista: Tania Semper

Creative Assistant & Pumpkin Design-ista: Genevieve Ghaleb

Model-ista: Bianca De Robertis

Fabulous Designer Aprons: TootlePip (want one? inbox us admin@efashionista.ca)

Edible-looking Jewelry: Chez Laurette

Sweet Table Design & Props: Joe’s Prop House

Makeup & Hair: Caroline Theoret

Eye Lashes: ILash.me

Floral Decor: Luluthia

Creamsicle Colored Meringues: La Cornetteria

Chocolate High Heels: L’Artiste Chocolatiere

Cake & Cupcakes: Cupcake et Macaron

Designer Cookies: L&V Sweets

Pumpkins: La Ferme Quinn

A special thank you to Monique Simone for her fab photography skills.

Stay tuned for a detailed blog post on our Montreal “Baking in High Heels” event! xo

Baking in High Heels Photoshoot

Our Baking in High Heels event wouldn’t have been complete without a Signature photoshoot session! This time around, we partnered with Next Models agency and selected Delia, an exotic, yet playful looking model who acted as our high-heeled, domestic goddess for the day.

We had a mere two hours to transform Dish Cooking Studio into a whimsical platform of floral decor, chocolate heels and sweet delights, beautify the model and photograph her in a designer TootlePip apron, two dresses by Copious Couture and a dreamy lingerie set designed by La Lilouche.

Baking in High Heels Photoshoot

The clock was ticking while Izabela and Stephanie from Sweet Table and Beth Appleton from Whimsical Wedding Cakes scrambled to get every little detail in place. Christine Cho was busy setting up her colourful assortment of pastel eye shadows, lipsticks, professional brushes, and of course artistic lashes (it’s all about the long lashes) on a nearby table.

Candice Irons, a hair stylist & extension specialist transformed the Dish bathroom into a mini version of a Blow Dry bar; curlers, combs, hair spray and Mane Teeze hair perfume bottles dominated the tiny space. Fashionistas, we know you can relate to this!

How darling is the sleep mask pictured below? We sure loved it! The Mademoiselle Sugar collection will be available on our online shop shortly.

Sleep Masks

We especially loved SweetPea’s beautiful floral anklet and head piece, along with the gorgeous Moschino platforms provided by PRFKT boutique.

Baking in High Heels Photoshoot

We we’re working at lightning speed! Click here to view our entire photoshoot gallery.

A special thank you to Christine from Click photography for all the wonderful photos, she was a true gem to work with! xo

Baking in High Heels Photoshoot

Stay tuned for our “Baking in High Heels” promo video by David from 2D Studios!

The eFashionista Team xo